Packages & Tickets

Girl power

  3 Star Accommodation
  Festival Ticket
  Boat Party
  SBI T-Shirt

129 €

per person/ 3 nights
Girls power package

Party Animal

  3 Star Accommodation
  Festival Ticket
  Boat party
  SBI T-shirt

169 €

per person/ 3 nights
Party animal package

VIP Packages

Available VIP accommodations:

  Villa Sunset
  Green House
  Spring Break Mansion

199 €

per person/ 3 nights
VIP Clubber Spring Break Mansion

Festival Tickets

General admission / VIP

  GA ticket
  VIP ticket

109 €

per person/ 3 nights
Festival Tikets



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  • Good organization and cool staff.

    Dominik Schafer, Germany
  • Amazing, great and unique experience! I thought its going to be fun, but this… It’s just great.

    Ruth Muller, Swiss
  • Thanks to my friend Sue, who talked me into going to Spring Break Island. Interesting experience, with a lot of nice people.

    Emily Clapton, United Kingdom
  • I would love to have 4 boat parties per day. Hahaha!

    Marco Di Viao, Italy
  • I don’t want to say it was great, cause it seems so ordinary. But this trip… totally opposite to ordinary ;)

    Camille Hinault, France
  • Its so easy to come there, as all is done for you. Next year, I will definitely go again!

    Ellena Lopez, Spain
  • Meet a girl from Poland, now she is visiting me back home, at Vienna. At Spring Break Island there is really so many people form all over the world.

    Sarah Oehler, Austria
  • I had lost my flip-flops at the foam party, at Noa Club, but don’t regret it at all!

    Laura Martinez, Spain
  • They say only teenagers go to spring break. Do I look like one?

    Roberto Dietrich, Germany

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