Every day a different adventure, see what awaits you.

Day 1

DAY ZERO - Welcome Party

Spring Break mode: “ON”!

How great it is when you can finally: “Be calm, cause it’s Spring Break Time!”. ☺ Its time to break the ice, meet some nice guys or just dance till the sunrise. Everything starts at point zero and so is spring break. It is going to be a spectacular opening, that will last for 3 unforgettable days and 4 amazing nights.  


Day 1

DAY ONE - Welcome To The Jungle Party

I need a vitamin FRIEND.

Set sail on the amazing Adriatic with some of your favorite artists, a fully stocked bar and grooving sound system on Champagne Boat Party. Entering the After Beach Arena you will finally get to taste what you have been hearing about for years. When the sun goes down it's time for Secret 5th Birthday Pool Party which will get you ready for Welcome To The Jungle party in Noa Beach Club!


Day 2

DAY TWO - Nautilus Party with TUJAMO

It starts with a single sound. It ends with a coloured ground.

People say you’re old enough to know it better. But we know you’re young enough, to do it anyway! Join us on this special island, discover the magic of energetic pool parties, meet top international DJs, and get crazy at the Nautilus party with Tujamo which might extend deep into night. P.S.: Get ready for lots of foam.


Day 3

DAY THREE - Holi Gaudy - colour your day party

It is rather easy to shine in the light, but to glow in the dark ... That’s mastery!

It’s the last night of this unique combination of beautiful location, amazing music and chicky atmosphere. All there is left is good music, great friends, late nights and bright lights. Wait, not lights, this time it's you that’s glowing in the night. Shine bright like a diamond!



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