3rd of June 2017

Boat party

LOCATION: Champagne Boat
TIME: 13:00 – 16:00


Set sail on the amazing Adriatic with some of your favourite artists, a fully stocked bar and grooving sound system. Often described as "Ibiza Style" these parties are simply a must for every open-minded spring breaker. Party people from all over the world join forces in dancing wild, drinking hard and having a pure fun.

DEPARTURE: Novalja city centre, main port
TIP: come at least 15min prior to departure

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Colours of the sound

LOCATION: Noa After Beach Arena
TIME: 16:00 – 19:00


But we know you’re young enough, to do it anyway! Join us on this special island, discover the magic of energetic After Beach Parties, meet top international DJs, and become friends with crazy MC Fabu-D. It starts with a single sound and ends with a coloured ground.

TIP: get some gifts, cause you never know who is going to be there 

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Cosmo Cocktails

LOCATION: Cocomo Club
TIME: 22:00 – 00:00


Located at the calm Croatian bay, far from grumpy neighbours, away from all the house rules, the true treasure of the Island lies. Ready or not, soon you will get drawn into vertigo of this unique clubbing scene. Start the evening with some Cosmo cocktails, chat with friends you meet last night and make sure you will forget about the time.

TIP: bring a straw so you can share a cocktail with one of the Island Angels 

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Space Robots

LOCATION: Noa Beach Club
TIME: 00:00 – 06:00


Interstellar dust on the galaxy’s magnetic field, spooky asteroids, despairing planets, … No, nothing so spacey. But still, we’d like to take you to a whole another level of partying, experiencing the music and people around. And yes, you might even feel like you actually are at the outer space. Popular electronic and EDM artists will join forces in order to create you a truly unforgettable party.

TIP: High hills are not a good option. 


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