Welcome To The Jungle Video Contest


We’re proud to announce a new theme party on the Spring Break Island 2017: Welcome To The Jungle with Plastik Funk and others. Can you imagine being in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by gorillas, lions, leopards, monkeys and other animals and suddenly Tarzan jumps of the tree on a rope to pick up Jane while in the background there is wild music and everywhere you look there is people masked in animals and have faces painted with different colours.  That’s what Welcome To The Jungle party is all about – believe us, it will be the wildest night of your life!

To see if you are ready for the jungle we decided to create a video contest for all of you who would like to release the animal inside you. What’s the prize and how to enter? The prize is worth more than 3500€ (more information below) and the rules are very simple:


  1. Gather in a group of friends and record a short video (maximum 30 seconds) – the main theme is jungle. You may record anything you wish in a connection with jungle – this may be you partying on a jungle themed party, you dressing in a costumes of wild animals, a tutorial how to create a makeup to look like a tiger or anything else). Use your imagination and records the best video as you can winners will get to spend time during Spring Break Island in amazing villa!
  2. Send the video to info@springbreak-island.com with your name and short description of the video
  3. Wait for our decision! You have time until March 24th to send us the video, then we will review all videos and announce the winner on March 31st. Hurry up as the best videos that will be sent to us might get uploaded on our socials!


The group with the best video will win a prize worth 3500€ in total:

  • Stay in a luxury Villa during Spring Break Island 2017
  • VIP Festival Tickets
  • Tickets for Secret 5th Anniversary Pool Party
  • Boat Party Tickets
  • Shuttle Bus Tickets





What are you waiting for? Show your animal side!

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