4th of June 2017

Boat party

LOCATION: Champagne Boat
TIME: 13:00 – 16:00

Set sail on the amazing Adriatic with some of your favourite artists, a fully stocked bar and grooving sound system. Often described as "Ibiza Style" these parties are simply a must for every open-minded spring breaker. Party people from all over the world join forces in dancing wild, drinking hard and having a pure fun.

DEPARTURE: Novalja city centre, main port
TIP: come at least 15min prior to departure

ABC party

LOCATION: Noa Beach Arena
TIME: 16:00 – 19:00

We all are students…or at least we live the “student lives”. 
So you are familiar, or you even attended one of those famous ABC parties. Parties, where everyone are wearing Anything But Clothes. Be creative and use your imagination. You can get away with wearing anything for this party but if you want to stick out in the crowd you need to dress a little more risqué. The key to this party is wear something unique.

TIP: be unique and get rewarded

Glowing Illusion

LOCATION: Noa Beach Club
TIME: 22:00 – 06:00

It’s the last night of this unique combination of beautiful location, amazing music and chicky atmosphere. All there is left is, good music, great friends, late nights and bright lights. Hmmm… Not lights, this time is you that is glowing in the night.

Get your glow sticks, make your shiny necklaces and prepare for the tones of UV paint. Cause it is rather easy to shine in the light, but to glow in the dark… That’s mastery!

TIP: Black is not an option 


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